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Clipart had outlived its usefulness as users relied more on search engines than Microsoft’s somewhat limited supply through the Office suite.

Today’s clipart needs to be modern, colorful, and less cartoonish. An online search for clip art images will net you files that are of far better quality and relevance. But you need shortcuts when searching for the right image is a daily workout.

These are 13 of the top websites for free clipart downloads. Browse through them and bookmark the ones that meet your needs.

The Kidz Page has 9 pages of free Easter clip art. While most of them are Easter bunnies and Easter eggs there are a few other ones thrown in too.

Keep a look out for the Easter bunnies here in the free Easter clip art - some of them don't look like your standard bunny!

Vecteezy covers the gamut of vector art – from vector icons to vector patterns. Both free and premium image files are available for use. You can visit the small section for free vector clipart downloads which is still choc-full of nearly 75000 assets. The community contributions keep the artwork fresh and updated.

Clipart Of is a stock image website offering royalty-free vector, cartoon and 3D files, illustrations and clipart from artists around the world. One glance at the home page tells you that the quality is better than the average. But you have to pay for them.

The good news is that the site has reserved a small corner for free clip art downloads. Just five pages with about 100 free files. But, they all look useful. If you are an artist, you can also contribute to the site.

Free Easter clip art will add some fun and color to your next Easter project. Whether you're making Easter cards, invitations, or programs you're sure to find some free Easter clip art that's just right from one of the websites on the list below.

These free Easter clip art images include Easter animals such as bunnies and chicks, lots of Easter eggs, kids having fun on Easter, spring-time flowers, crosses, Easter baskets, birds, and thousands more. There are contemporary, modern, and vintage images for you to look through.

Tip: All of the Easter clip art here is free for personal use but you'll need to check each website's guidelines if you'd like to use it for more than that.


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